“What i like about photographs
is that they capture a moment
that’s gone forever,
impossible to reproduce.”
― Karl Lagerfeld




Your Portrait|Experience

Your Portrait | Session


Preparation is key when it comes to capturing lifelong memories. Have a think about the kind of photographs you’d like to have in your home. Decide how to best capture the essence of yourself and your loved ones. Our photographers have decades of experience in making people open up and be who they really are, so there’s no need to be shy. Here are a few tips to get you started…



The professional makeup artists and hairstylists are available upon appointment with us at the studio. Your hair and make-up should be worn as you usually would wear it; we’re looking for the real you. Make sure everyone’s been to see the barber and everyone’s roots are coloured. If there are any features you’re not entirely happy with, we retouch all of our work, so there’s no need to worry.

What to wear

Rule of thumb, smart casual is the best option. Don’t be afraid to mix in some colour with the usual black or white shirt and blue jeans, it can give vitality to anyone. Be sure to keep everyone to an overall harmonic look; don’t wear big logos or out-there patterns. Make sure your clothes fit properly and are clean and pressed. Don’t forget that your hands will be in the photos, so make sure everyone’s nails are neatly kept (to you own standards).
It’s important that you’re comfortable. If you feel good, you’ll radiate good looks!


Little ones can be tricky to prepare. When booking your session, keep their sleep and nap schedules in mind; it’s hard to make someone bubbly and smiley when they’re falling asleep. Always keep it fun, bring along a favourite toy or blanket and it’ll feel more like home. Arrive for your session early to give your child time to get used to their new surroundings and get to know the photographer.

Our pets are a member of the family. They’ve got their own personality and their own quirks and traits that we know them for. This is what we try to capture. Just like people, your pet should be how they usually are, no extra grooming or clothing necessary. Bring along your pet’s favourite toy or treats, or whatever gets their attention and makes them happy.

Personal Styling

We take a holistic view of your style and work together to create a look that is as individual and beautiful as you. Focusing on your natural beauty, our team will make you the living art that you are. Our hair and make-up artists are fully equipped with MAC product and the professional knowledge of creating a beautiful you.
Personal Hair and Make-up Styling start from only $100 a person.

Personal | Styling


imagination . art . beauty

We take a holistic view of your style and work together to create a look that is as


individual and beautiful as you. Focusing on your natural beauty, our team will make

you the living art that you are. Our hair and make-up artists are fully equipped with MAC

product and the professional knowledge of creating a beautiful you.



Celebrate You!

 Put your entire Living Image Experience in our professional hands! Our artists are

knowledgeable, experienced and professional, simply arrive to our studio with a clean

fresh face, clean dry hair & we will begin your journey of uncovering your hidden beauty


through photography and makeup art. We are passionate in enhancing the way you look

and feel for your unforgettably unique photographic experience!


Rediscover yourself in the celebration of You!

 Create a look as eternal as your fine art will be ~ Photography is forever. Personal Hair

 and Make-up Styling starts from only $100 a person.

Design and | Planning


Now, the exciting part, it’s time for you to see the beautiful photography from your photo shoot.


Firstly, our photography is presented in our theatre room where your collection is projected life-size, our friendly designers will walk you through each stage helping you to select your favourites,  our collections of table-top, wall art and prices for each item is explained. There are many of creative options for your home and it can seem overwhelming at first, however, our knowledge and experience will help and guide you to making the best decisions for you so that you and your family can enjoy your beautiful photography in your home.

It is recommended to discuss potential display locations at home prior… so should there is a special spot in the house where you would like to hang your artwork, we suggest taking a quick picture of this place in your home on your phone camera so that you can share  at this meeting. We can use this image to show you exactly how your chosen collection will look on your wall at home – to scale, and in your desired finish. This takes out all the guess work out of the design stage and will ensure you feel happy and comfortable with the look of your new artwork.

“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes.

But when you photograph people in Black and white,

you photograph their souls!”

-Ted Grant

Products and | Services

Fine Art | Albums



Just the word itself is so beautiful & timeless. The knowledge that one object can pass through with you for your entire life, enduring your life changes but staying forever unchangeable, captured in time.

This is why we create Fine Art Albums. Albums that are constructed completely by hand and use only the finest materials available. Utilising time proven and traditional album binding techniques, your album is sewn, glued & constructed by local album manufacturers. Making it forever unchangable, forever timeless & forever yours to cherish.


Traditional Fine Art Albums



A modern and contemporary album, the Designer incorporates full width “borderless” photographs that allow for a variety of design options. The Designer album also comes in a variety of cover options.

[take a look here]


A stunning choice to display your favourite portraits, the Portrait album is available in a wide variety of cover materials, and every page is constructed with fine linen mats that frame your large portraits. Perfect for a family portrait album.

[take a look here]

Fine Art | Decor

Displaying portraits on the walls of your rooms can truly transform the space. Wall portraits will individualise your room, a great way to bring life and character to a space that lacks that certain “something”.A brilliant alternative to art, our stunning wall portraits are an easy, and often cheaper way to redecorate your rooms.

The wall collections below have been professionally designed to compliment your living spaces, telling a story through your portraits as a whole. Your wall collections are available in a range of different finishes to suit your existing decor, read more below.


A collection of 4 square framed images in a gorgeous chunky style moulding with a colourful mat. The Visage is the perfect collection for a child’s room or a small feature wall in your home. Children’s portraits look great in this collection.

[take a look here]


1 large portrait, flanked on one side by two more portraits. This collection suits bedrooms and living areas, and is perfect for a couple’s portrait or family portrait. The Amour is available in 2 finishes: Acrylic and ArtMount.

[take a look here]


Plus D’Amour

This beautiful collection includes 5 portraits, with one main feature, surrounded by 4 complimentary portraits. The Plus D’Amour will liven a medium to large living room, and even works beutifully in a master bedroom. It’s perfectly suited to family portraits.

[take a look here]


The Trois is a great addition to any room, with three vertical panels and size options for 10inch to 40inch prints it’s designed to suit all spaces. The Trois is the ideal choice for family portraits, children’s portraits or couples, it makes a real statement.

[take a look here]


A Unique collection is our option for single portraits of any size. A wonderful option to make a bold statement with one large portrait. From our 10inch portraits up to our large “sofa sized” 40inch portraits the choice is yours!

[take a look here]


For a wonderful alternative to our Trois portrait collection, the Enjoue provides you with 1 landscape, or horizontal portrait flanked by a vertical portrait on each side. The Enjoue collection will make an amazing impact in your rooms, suited to medium and larger sized spaces.

[take a look here]



We have a range of alternative finishes for your portraits that are available on most of our collections. Our range of finishes are designed to suit any style of decor.


Contemporary and timeless, our canvas finish is a brilliant way to display your portraits.

[take a look here]

Art Mount

A great alternative finish for your portraits, perfect for a large collection of portraits.

[take a look here]


A unique and contemporary display option for your portraits.

[take a look here]


Stunning, traditional and timeless framing finishes for your portraits.

[take a look here]

Gift Certificates


A portrait experience from us is the perfect gift for a loved one. Each gift certificate is personalized, beautifully designed, printed on heavy card, an inscription from you is written, and is finally completed with a bow. Gift certificates are available in any amount you wish. Your gift certificate can be arranged over the phone or in studio.

Gift Certificates

[take a closer look here]

Portrait Pricing


An important part of the portrait process is the cost it is vital that you are comfortable


 and you receive the products that you’ll be the most happy with. All of the work that we


produce is permanent finished artwork, manufactured in finest archival materials ready


to hang or be displayed in your home. All of our pieces have a life-time guarantee, so


these memories will truly be life-long.



Our portrait fee is $150 which includes:


• Your pre-portrait session (either in studio or over the phone) which discusses your preferred style, expectations and preparation.

• Your studio portrait session.

• Your ordering session, and if you choose.

• Optional hair and make-up styling for an extra cost of $100 per person.


Our 10 inch matted photographs start from $195 and framed photographs from $495. Our entire range of home décor options can be found above.

Our | Team




I am Simon Carroll, photography is my life and passion, I commenced my career in the early 80’s as a teenager, formally studying photography while being an apprentice for a leading portrait studio at the time, Classic Color Studios. While working in the photography industry for many decades now I have amassed amazing and exciting experiences photographing everything from babies through to billionaires. Over the past 6 years I have established a successful boutique portrait studio called “Living Image Photography” based in Crows Nest NSW, we specialise in what is our true passion – artistic portraits of families, children and “fur-children” (dogs).

I am an unashamed (unabashed) romantic. I believe in things like love at first sight and happy endings… I’m also a firm believer in following your true passions in life; fortunately for me, mine is photography, capturing all the nuances of life, emotion, expression, and relationships… photographs of our beloved pets and children are the most cherished memories we have. As a father of two beautiful boys, I understand and appreciate the importance of capturing every fast-vanishing phase of life. So I feel privileged as the photographer in capturing and documenting the beautiful lives of my clients and their loved ones for them to cherish and enjoy forever.

Please enjoy your visit here on our website, myself and our friendly team would be delighted to meet you at some stage, feel free to start a conversation by hitting the “Contact Us” button.



It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like,

it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.

– Paul Caponigro



Real Testimonials

Below is some wonderful feedback that we have received from our customers. We’re more than sure that you will enjoy your experience with us in the same way as many of our customers have.


Amy handled beautifully what would be, a very delicate role of managing parents and guardians emotional journey of photography their loved ones. I always found Amy to go the extra yard to ensure our goals were met


-Michelle Matthewman

We have been absolutely delighted with the experience we have had with Living Image Photography. From the moment we arrived at the studio Simon and Amy made us and especially our 3 year old daughter feel very relaxed so your photos could capture the best of our personalities and especially those of our young children. We are beyond thrilled with the photos that Living Image captured of our family and the hardest part was deciding which ones would adorn our home as there were so many lovely ones to choose from. Thank you Living Image, we look forward to seeing you again in a few years to capture the next phase of our children’s lives and personalities.

-Stephanie McCredie & Family


Thanks again Amy & Simon! It is really a wonderful opportunity to be able to do something that will make a difference to my family whilst being able to contribute to something that is making a difference to other people (referring to the Steps-with-hope fundraiser) and their families as well. We absolutely love and cherish the photos that you have taken of our family over the years, and it is even more special to be part of building this fence in Cambodia as a result of our contribution. Thank you for getting involved, and for getting us involved too!”

Jen Drysdale

Where do I start… I expected before the day that we would get at least a few good photos, but we got more than that; we got to share a memory that my children will remember fondly. Any good photographer can get you a nice photo to put on the wall, but it takes something special to capture a personality and then times it by 5 all at the same time. Simon, you made my children feel at ease in, I would say, about 2 minutes after meeting you. I think you must have a lot of kid left in you! I love how every photo I looked at in the studio not one of them had a forced smile. The kids genuinely had a whole heap of fun as I did just watching you bring them to life. I am lost for words as to tell you how much the day meant to us, and for letting the kids be kids and capturing that. It was more perfect than I could have hoped for. Thank you Simon.

-Maureen Wills

Dear Simon and Amy,

What can I say, we had a ball during our family shoot; and the results are fantastic! Everyone who sees the photos can’t believe how great they are and we couldn’t be happier with them. They are already a family treasure.

Thank you.
-Danny, Gina, Rebecca and Alex.

I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to Simon and Amy for not only bending over backwards to create a show-stopping portfolio for me, but for truly making me feel as though they had been shooting me for years. I was very nervous about getting in front of the camera posing and pouting, but Simon was out of this world. He knows exactly what to say to help get the best shot. And Amy has been an absolute angel to deal with. Sorry we drank all your water! Lol. Your team at L.I.P is so strong and I would recommend everyone to use you guys. Going through my photos on Saturday is such a memorable experience for me, u really captured me and my personality.
I cannot thank u enough!!!

-Carly Hansen

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. The photo shoot was fun and allowed us to relax and enjoy the attention of the passer’s by! The viewing was through and we were amazed that so many wonderful photos had been captured of our ugly mugs!

Thanks again,
-Anne and Owen Kruger

Just a quick note to say a big thank you for the lovely photos you have taken of our family. Once again, your ability to capture the personalities of each of us is astounding. Over the 8 years we have such a collection of your amazing photography throughout our house. Thank you for making time stop and allowing us the reflection on how quickly our family is growing.

-Jess and Ben

Great photos! Great Service! Very professional people, very happy with everything!

-Henneker Family

Thanks for a great experience. The ‘shoot’ was well handled. The viewing was fun and easy going. The pics FABULOUS!

-Mohamed Family



A very pleasant experience. Living Image was very professional and accommodating.


We had a good time, very professional and friendly people.


-Jorge and Aracely

We’re very happy with the photos.


good job,
-Henry and Patricia Adie-Cooper

Thanks! Brilliant job! Loved the way we were treated and made us very comfortable. Will be back again. Big Thanks!

-Elaine and Noel Walters

Very, very happy with the photos. Very relaxed photo shoot. Our kids and dog really enjoyed themselves.


-Dionne Smith and family

Absolutely thrilled with the photos. A very professional set up. We had a great experience with the photo shoot lots of fun. A recommendation to all.


Thank you,
-John Garbin and family


The Living Image team did some awesome stills of Maxwell Green when he was four weeks old. They are very special photos that proudly hang in his room. We found the entire experience personable, creative and professional

– James & Kristen Green

Just wanted to let both you and Simon know how wonderful my pictures are. I gave them to Tim on the weekend as a thank you for all his support over the last five years of my degree and also because it was the 35th anniversary of when we first started dating.

He LOVES the photos, really thinks they are amazing!!!!!!! Not only is he impressed with how I look he is also hugely impressed with the quality of the images, the presentation and just how professional it all looks

Thank you again for everything. I will definitely recommend you to everyone I meet.

-Sharon Bickford

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In photography there is a reality

so subtle that it becomes

more real than reality.

– Alfred Stieglitz



Shoot the Dog



Is your Dog a Cutie? We are searching for Australia’s

cutest dogs to be featured in a beautiful book

celebrating the love of dogs while fundraising for

Animal Rescue.



The purpose of this initiative is to create a beautiful

coffee table book celebrating the love of our fur-

children whilst fundraising to support animal rescue

groups across Australia, this will, importantly,

raise’s awareness to the plight of unwanted and

abused animals in this country. 


 To find out more go to www.shootthedog.com.au


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