Headshots -  Corporate and Actors

A professional headshot comprises much more than just a selfie in your car or a terrible cropped picture of you from a wedding. You may even have the access to a professional camera but what about all the other elements that go into a portrait? Like an attractive posture, your expression, mood, wardrobe and how all these essential elements influence others on how they perceive of you. 

That’s where I come in… besides photography, one of my fields of expertise is coaching - I will teach you how to look amazing in front of the camera. I will guide you through the entire session and tailor your corporate or actors headshot to suit your needs. All in a fun, playful and relaxed atmosphere to achieve that natural look.

So whether you’re a executive, actor, realtor, or someone who knows the importance of personal branding, our professional headshot portraits are what will definitely set you apart, engage with your audience and steer you to success! 

Let us help you to expres your personal style and branding  in creating a winning portrait which is integral for your online presence!

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A professional headshot tells the world you’re organised, prepared, and introduces you as a confident yet approachable individual who is the best of their field of expertise. Essentially, people just want to connect visually on-line and having a warm inviting portrait gives you a distinct advantage.

Our services also include: mobile studio set-ups, teams, groups, executive portraits, enviromental business portraits, linkedin profile portraits, branding portraits,
and actor headshots, etc

Are you ready to enhance your profile?  

Personal branding is essential for your on-line presence!

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